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Electrical Science
Electrical Science Volume 1 of 4 (2.29 MB pdf)
Electrical Science Volume 2 of 4 (1.76 MB pdf)
Electrical Science Volume 3 of 4 (1.26 MB pdf)
Electrical Science Volume 4 of 4 (2.68 MB pdf)

Lessons In Electric Circuits
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume I - DC (4.60 MB pdf)
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume II - AC (4.32 MB pdf)
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume III - Semiconductors (3.54 MB pdf)
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume IV - Digital (3.32 MB pdf)
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume V - Reference (825.66 KB pdf)
Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume VI - Experiments (3.45 MB pdf)

AC Motors (1.75 MB pdf)
Basics of AC Drives (3.89 MB pdf)

Alternating Current Signaling (11.6 MB pdf)

Basics of Electricity (1.37 MB pdf)

Construction Electrician Basic (5.10 MB pdf)

Electrical Communication (30.4 MB pdf)

Electrical Engineering (5.53 MB pdf)

Electrical Engineering Dictionary (6.71 MB pdf)
The Standard Electrical Dictionary (6.42 MB pdf)

Electrical Power Supply And Distribution (1.78 MB pdf)

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (2.36 MB pdf)

Introduction to Alternating Current and Transformer (3.87 MB pdf)

Introduction to Cells and Batteries (757 KB pdf)

Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques and Schematic Reading (1.49 MB pdf)

Introduction to Generators and Motors (1.28 MB pdf)

Introduction to Matter, Energy, and Direct Current (2 MB pdf)

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